So, now I’m a Unicorn…

At the Hortonworks seminar on Hadoop for Modern Data Architectures, today, there was a lot of discussion around the skills required to get maximum value from the floods of data pouring in from sensors, websites, machine logs, phone data and the rest of the BigData deluge. At the Hortonworks Data Science workshop, the experiences needed in a Data Scientist were listed as

  • Research Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Platform selector
  • Analyst
  • Integrator
  • Database schema designer

Apparently this skill set is so rare that the Hortonworks team recommend their customers recruit data science teams, rather than hunting this mythical Unicorn. From their presentationunicorn For years, I’ve struggled to know what label to put on my CV – apparently I should say Unicorn. Continue reading “So, now I’m a Unicorn…”

So, now I’m a Unicorn…